About me

Name: Evgeny Sagatov

Birthday: May 2, 1987

Birthplace / residence: Tolyatti, Samara region, Russia

Educational background:

11/01/2009 – 10/20/2013 Candidate of Engineering Sciences
Samara State Aerospace University named after academician S.P. Korolyov (SSAU)
Department: General Informatics
Specialty: 05.13.01 System analysis, control and information processing (technical systems and communications)
07/22/2009 Graduated with honors
Samara State Aerospace University named after academician S.P. Korolyov (SSAU)
Qualification: engineer
Specialty: «Automated data processing and management»
07/18/2004 Graduated with honors
School of Information Technology INTECO, Togliatti
Qualification: operator-programmer
Specialty: «Engineering Informatics»
04/28/2004 – 07/17/2004 Passed the final exam with an estimate of 5 (excellent)
School of Information Technology INTECO, Togliatti
Trained on the course: «Fundamentals of system configuration of 1C: Enterprise».


Student Travel Grant Award by IFIP Wireless Days 2011
Student Travel Grant Award by IFIP Wireless Days 2011
Certificate for participation in the competition for Telematics 2010
Certificate for participation in the competition for Telematics 2010
Certificate - Youth. Science. Society. 2009
Certificate – Youth. Science. Society. 2009
Best Student 2008
Best Student 2008


Research Areas and Subjects: Broadcast video along wireless networks. Transmission methods, codecs, protocols, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, 3G network.


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  15. Sagatov E.S., «Automated adjustment of the video quality transmission in wireless networks»*. Actual Problems of Radio Electronics and Telecommunications, Samara, p. 7 -12, 2009.
  16. Sagatov E.S., «Modeling of video transmission singularity in wireless networks»*. Proceedings of the XIII All-Russian Scientific Methodical Conference Telematics 2009, S.Peterburg, p. 300-301, 2009.
  17. Sagatov E.S., Sukhov A.M., «The transmission video quality in wireless networks»*. Conference of representatives of regional scientific-educational networks RELARN-2009, collection of abstracts, Moscow – S.Peterburg, p. 66-70, 2009. (presentation)
  18. Sagatov E.S., Sultanov T.G., Galcev A.A., «Technology of administration of user accounts in TB SSAU computer network»*. The city scientific student conference «Youth. Science. Society.» – 2009, collection of abstracts, Part II, p.77, 2009.

* Literal translation from Russian

Competitions, programs, grants:

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